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Our server really “loved” the “Nova Scotia Halibut” — confit lemon risotto, sautéed chanterelles ($34) — so we thought we’d give it a try.

Many consider this a “lean” fish with a mild, sweet tasting flavor and tender texture. But if it’s overcooked, the flesh will dry out and loose all savoriness.

No worries here. After all, we were at “Willow,” Chef Charlie Palmer’s newest place, which just opened at the Mirbeau Inn & Spa, up in Rhinebeck, New York.

Palmer has about twelve critically acclaimed establishments around the country, including “Aureole” (NYC & Vegas) and “Charlie Palmer Steak” (DC, NYC, Reno & Vegas), and a few rooftop bar locations. But “Willow” may prove to be another of his star attractions.

This perfectly cooked cut paired seamlessly with the smoky mushrooms and zesty lemon risotto. (It was an absolute pleasure to devour.) While some thought the risotto was slightly salty and a tinge overcooked, and that the dish was a bit overpriced at 34 bucks, it still scored an extremely respectable “B+” despite those hindrances.

[Yes, we were all in a generous grading mood, largely because we had an enjoyable time at the Sheep & Wool Festival, at the nearby Dutchess County Fairgrounds. If you like sheep ... or goats .... or just wool ... you must check that event out.

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