1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Any restaurant opened by noted nightclub impresario, David Grutman, singer/songwriter, Pharrell Williams, and Top Chef Europe, Jean Imber, was destined to garner a lot of media coverage.

And, if you believe all the buzz, “Swan” is “the place” to go to if you’re anywhere near the Miami Design District.

So, we went.

We started our brunch with the “SMOKED SALMON TIER” — “hard boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, caper, pickled red onion, herbed cream cheese, selection of bagels” ($35).

First off, there was no “selection.” Without being asked our preferences, or given a choice, two toasted bagels were dumped onto the bottom level of this 3-tiered dish. In the middle, were some overly-salted (smallish) slices of smoked salmon. While all the other “elements,” like a mound of capers, two cream cheeses, and a boiled egg, were nestled way at the top.

Given the height of the tier, gathering the components (while seated) was extremely awkward. And, in our minds, none of it was outstanding, nor justified the $35 ask.

So, while the physical space was quite nice (and we could see why people sing praises about the atmosphere), the food, on the other hand, totally disappointed, earning this dish a “C-.”

(There was no turning that “goose” into a “swan.”)