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We had mixed feelings about the “Mixed Appetizers” served at “Al Natour Middle Eastern Restaurant” (1787 N. University Dr.) over in Plantation.

The platter — which consisted of “Hummos and Baba Ghannouge, Musakah or green beans, taboli, 2 falafel, 2 kibbeh & 2 grapeleaves” — was reasonably priced (at $14.99), but not all the components were “up to snuff.”

While the dips exuded a silky, creamy, deliciousness, we HATED the fried and leafy components of the dish.

The “taboli,” a popular Middle-Eastern salad, lacked fresh tomato, spring onion, mint and parsley, as none of those ingredients popped. (It was like eating a leftover salad; “yesterday’s news.”)

Not only were the grape leaves extremely oily (and tasted “off”), but both the falafel and kibbeh were rock hard and lacked any savoriness. (They were left unfinished.)

Because the Mixed Platter was such a mixed bag, we had little choice but to score it a “C-.” (Luckily, the dips spared this dish from a failing grade ....)