1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


We traveled all the way to Pembroke Pines to visit “Gold Marquess Fine Chinese Cuisine,” a restaurant which prides itself on its “authentic Cantonese” fare.

One of our courses consisted of their “Beef with Broccoli” — stir-fried slices of beef with broccoli or Chinese broccoli ($16.90).

While we enjoyed the freshness and crunchiness of the veggies, the beef, on the other hand, had an exceedingly greasy, fatty taste.

And because we thought the sauce was sweeter than it should have been, this dish forfeited some additional points, but still ended up with a pretty respectable “B-.”

[While the taste wasn’t totally offensive, I disagreed with my colleagues’ generous scoring. The fattiness and greasiness were a near-failing “C-“ for me.]