1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


On a fluke, we stopped into Del Frisco’s Grille (on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale) and tried their “Ahi Tacos” — tuna tartare, avocado, spicy citrus aioli (690 calories; $17.50).

Don’t you just hate when your food looks artificial and is covered in a heavy mayo-based concoction, to boot? When we encounter that kind of nonsense I’ll often ask myself, “Self: What is the kitchen trying to hide?”

Well, in this instance, there was no masking the lackluster, tasteless fish. And, according to some, that carnation pink color you see pictured here is also a sure sign you’re getting a previously frozen tuna that has been treated with carbon monoxide to prevent it from oxidizing; turning brown.

We also disliked the insipid guacamole. It had a baby-food blandness which did nothing to enhance the dish. (In fact, it further detracted from it.)

Oh, and good luck trying to handle the taco ... as the whole thing disintegrated into pieces as we bit into each one.

Given the pricey ask, and Del Frisco’s reputation and prominence, we expected significantly better. Far from the “unparalleled experience” they promise on their website, this abominable offering landed an “F".

@ Del Frisco's Grille