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A “chow fun” is a classic Cantonese dish which is typically served with wide rice noodles, crispy veggies, and a protein (usually beef).

Since we weren’t in the mood for any more (fatty) red meat, we ordered a seafood version while we were at the “Gold Marquess Fine Chinese Cuisine,” (an Asian restaurant over in Pembroke Pines).

Even though it was slightly greasy, we still enjoyed the “Shrimp Chow Fun” ($14.90).

Because the shrimp were tender, tasty, and plentiful, and the noodles were nicely cooked and spiced, (and weren’t clumpy), this reasonably priced offering scored a pretty decent “B.”

We found the service to be a bit spotty and inattentive, but we forgave those lapses, as we had no expectation of a gourmet dining experience. (Neither should you.)