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Nothing irks us more than an Italian restaurant that can’t cook pasta right.

Unless, of course, you’re at a steakhouse that’s incapable of preparing your meat, as requested.

The latter is what happened when we ordered a “medium rare” burger at Fort Lauderdale’s “Del Frisco’s Grille.”

Their “GRILLE PRIME BURGER” — double-stacked USDA prime beef patties, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle ($16) — not only looked unappealing, but was far from a crowd pleaser.

First and foremost, it failed to come out “medium rare,” as we had ordered. It also lacked any juiciness .... (A friend speculated this was nothing more than defrosted “commodity beef” — from an “industrialized, factory farm.” And that a grass-fed, locally-sourced product would have been much more savory and fresh.)

Because we got dry, drab meat patties, and fries that lacked crispness (and were devoid of a potato flavor), this faulty dish rated an “F.”

@ Del Frisco's Grille