1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


A friend suggested that we try “Fabio The Venetian: Wine Bar & Restaurant” over in Oakland Park (Fort Lauderdale).

As we settled into our seats, we learned that there really is a “Fabio,” and that he really is Venetian — which gave us hope that his Northern Italian Cuisine would be “authentic.”

Our waiter suggested that we start with the “Rosa Di Mele — Stuffed puff pastry with carmalized onions and apples, wrapped in prosciutto (withheld at our request) in a sweet gorgonzola and arugula sauce” ($15.80).

Even without the prosciutto, we found these pastries a bit heavy, and oily. And because of the pervasive sweetness, most of us thought this course was more befitting of a dessert, rather than appetizer.

We also thought the $15.80 ask was a bit high, given the small serving size. But, ultimately, this tasty dish still scored a pretty respectable “B.”

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