1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Since our group’s “birthday boy” wanted to go to this “Michelin rated” hipster joint, we all secured our passports, visas (and required vaccinations) and headed to “Olmsted” — on Vanderbilt Avenue, deep in the heart of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

This noisy, cramped, 50-seat restaurant, boasts a “seasonable, ingredient-driven menu,” with some components of their dishes supposedly coming right from their own backyard. (Slide 8)

Even though we experienced a few misses that evening, because we’re into crustaceans, we thought we’d give their “Lobster Crackers with Swiss Chard Dip” a try.

The crackers were reportedly made up of lobster meat blended with tapioca flour then fried in canola oil. The Swiss Chard dip was comprised of ricotta and roasted garlic, topped with a grated lobster roe.

Was it good, you ask? Not particularly, and certainly not worth waiting a month (or more) to get into this place, that’s for sure.

While the dip exhibited none of the bitterness normally associated with chard, we couldn’t taste the ricotta, roasted garlic, or the lobster roe. The combination did little to enhance the crackers, which were surprisingly muted in flavor. (Lobster? Could have been anything salted.)

Since this dish didn’t work for us, this $12 item ended up scoring a (near-failing) “C-“

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