1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Set deep in the heart of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, “Olmsted” — a compact, 50-seat restaurant — certainly gets a lot of accolades, but we thought most of the dishes were a ”miss.” (See some of our reviews over the last few days.)

One of the exceptions, was the “Kale Crab Rangoon” with sweet and sour sauce ($15)

Packed into an Asian-themed takeout container were a bunch of fried wonton wrappers, filled with peekytoe crab, kale, and house-made ricotta cheese.

Not only did we find them to be quite delicious, but the accompanying sauce — which is reportedly made with red pepper juice, orange juice, glucose, rice wine vinegar, sugar, mirin, garlic bulb, Fresno pepper, Szechuan pepper, coriander, ginger, cilantro, Calabrian Chile, salt lemon juice, lime juice, white soy — paired perfectly.

While points were lost for not arriving warm enough, the dish still earned a pretty respectable “B+.” (We liked it.)

But is it worth a voyage to the land of Kings, or the month-plus wait for a table? I respectfully submit that it is not.

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