1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


“Olmsted,” which is a highly regarded 50-seat restaurant, located in the heart of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, was where our “birthday boy” wanted our group to go.

While inoculations, and visas, are usually appropriate when heading to that part of the world, we reluctantly acquiesced, largely because the place was “Michelin rated,” and, because we wanted to make our friend happy.

While there were a few misses, (see some of our earlier posts), one of the better dishes of the evening, was the “Carrot Crepe” — which is made with little neck clams and a creamy carrot reduction. ($16)

Because the buttery and briny flavors worked well with the crunchy sunflower seeds and fresh carrot ribbons, we scored this unusual, yet extremely tasty, dish a “B+.” (In this offering, we could see a glimmer of the creative genius many have lauded.)

But, frankly, notwithstanding its uniqueness, it still ain’t worth waiting “months” for ....

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