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An Italian going through a meal without pasta ... is like a day ... without sunshine.

Since things were a bit uneven with the dishes at Prospect Park’s “Olmsted,” we kept ordering more in the hopes that the kitchen would somehow redeem itself.

After all, since the owner-chef certainly has an impressive pedigree — having worked at such highly acclaimed restaurants as Alinea, Atera, Blue Hill, Per Se and Stone Barns — how could he mess up a “Bordeaux Spinach Spätzle — mushrooms, parmesan, egg yolk” ($15)?

These little dumplings (which are also known as batter- or egg noodles), are easy to make, but equally easy to mess up.

All you basically need is to mix flour and eggs (with some spinach, water, olive oil and salt), push that batter through a spätzle-maker (or a colander with holes, or even a cheese grater), into a pot of boiling water for about 1-2 minutes, and voilà!

But, if you’re not careful, overcooking may make the end-result unpleasantly mushy —which (unfortunately) was the case here. So, while the combination exuded a freshness, we didn’t enjoy the texture of this dish, and rated this item a near-failing “C-.”

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