1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Since it was a beautiful day, nobody wanted to eat indoors.

Given that an outdoor venue, with direct Atlantic Ocean views, was preferred, we settled on a place in Sunny Isles called “Gili’s Beach Club,” over on Collins Avenue.

But in light of all the the other misses we experienced that afternoon, it was ill advised for us to try the “Shrimp & Crab Roll” — which purportedly consisted of “shrimp and crab tossed in a dill and lemon dressing with leaf lettuce on a fresh baked sandwich roll” — $18.

First of all, the presentation reminded us of meal service on a commercial airliner, and the components pretty much tasted like it, too.

The roll was dense and added too much volume. And since you can’t have a great sandwich without outstanding bread, things pretty much went downhill from there.

We hate when our food is overwhelmed by a condiment. If I wanted a mayo sandwich, I would have ordered one. Here, we were hoping to try the crab and the shrimp, but were denied the opportunity to do so.

And since when does a “dill and lemon dressing” have mayo in it? Last time I checked, most recipes call for Dijon mustard, not mayonnaise. (You’re more likely to find the latter in a “dill sauce,” rather than a “dill dressing.”)

Since this disastrous sandwich offered us nothing worthwhile, it unanimously scored an unforgivable “F.”

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