1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


If you’re looking for some pretty good Italian food, take a drive to “Il Paesano Italian Gourmet Food & Wine Bar,” located at 2645 East Oakland Park Blvd, in Fort Lauderdale.

Co-owned by a married couple, Paola & Vergilio Peixoto opened their doors because it was “difficult to find the authentic Italian products and a good home cooked meal the way Nonna made it. So they set out on a mission to deliver just that ... A simple fresh, home cooked meal. All the ingredients used are of the best quality and prepared fresh daily.”

While their humble space is more like a deli, or ethnic minimarket, don’t let that discourage you. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable, as you and your guests will likely enjoy an outstanding meal.

As we were discussing dessert options, the people at the adjacent table decided to chime in, and really pushed the “Frutti di Bosco” — a $5.99 berry cream tart made up of pastry cream, a simple crust, and fresh fruit — which they described as “fabulous.”

While the restaurant’s other dishes were more deserving of such praise, this thing, not so much.

Because we didn’t like the consistency or taste of of the cream, the tartness of the fruit, and neither the resistance nor the dryness we encountered when cutting into this tart, this final course ultimately scored a (most generous) “C.”

While we would have preferred to end our visit on a high-note — particularly given all the amazing food items we sampled that day — we can still recommend that you give “Il Paesano,” a try. (Just skip this dessert.)

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