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Because it was a beautiful day, my friends wanted to eat outdoors, someplace “beachy,” so we selected a place on Collins Avenue, in Sunny Isles Beach, called “Gili’s Beach Club.”

While the beach and ocean views were phenomenal, the food was ... abominable.

One of my dining companions ordered the “French Dip Sandwich” — supposedly made up of “Shaved Prime Rib, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, au jus” — ($19).

While it sounded enticing, the prime rib needed to shave some fat. (It was terribly greasy and heavy). Provolone, on the other hand, is supposed to add a buttery, nutty flavor, and offer a slight milky aroma. This “cheese” product offered none of that. (Tasted more like a processed cheese .)

The accompanying “au jus” needed more substance; something to thicken it up a notch. (A wimpy, watery, sauce is nothing less than a mortal sin, in my humble opinion.)

And, finally, even though the sweet potatoes were quite tasty (and were the only remotely edible component of this platter), because they arrived cold, this $19 atrocity scored a lamentable “F.”

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