1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Many of my IG friends often ask for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant recommendation ... and I’m pleased to add a new one to the list.

If you’re looking for some “vegan kosher” ... “plant-empowered” cuisine ... why not give “Plant” — 105 NE 24th Street — over in Miami, a try?

Executive Chef Horacio Rivadero, and Pastry Chef Veronica Manolizi, blend “innovative technique with seasonal, local produce,” to create “classic living, vegan and gluten-free dishes.”

Many of their offerings feature “farm-to-chef ingredients ... locally sourced from ... Paradise Farms, including specialty micro greens and 67 varieties of edible flowers.”

According to our server, one of the most popular items on the menu was the “Forbidden Roll” — avocado, smoked carrot, forbidden rice, almond cream cheese nori, wasabi mayo — ($22).

The carrot had a smoky, salmon-like taste, which paired well with the nutty, slightly sweet flavor of the rice.

While we liked it, it wasn’t great. And, of course, if you’re an avid piscivore, it’s nothing like the “real thing” — a “Philadelphia Roll” (salmon, avocado, cream cheese). But, given no living creatures or animal products of any kind were used in the making of this dish, it was an admirable endeavor, indeed.

Even though it was innovative, and presented well, points were deducted because the $22 ask struck us as excessive; leaving it with a “B-.”

It’s not bad ... but pricey ... “Plant food.”