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Chef Clay Carnes — a grand finale winner of Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen” — has a great little place called “Cholo Soy Cocina,” over on South Dixie Highway, in West Palm Beach.

“Cholo,” which is Ecuadorian slang, refers to the country’s indigenous people, and also supposedly means “mixed or ghetto.”

According to the restaurant’s website, “It’s a name that reflects an authentic Andean-American food experience that begins before your first delicious bite.”

One of my friends wanted to take a bite of the “Cholo Rice Bowls,” which come with your choice of meat or vegetables, layered with some basmati rice, pineapple salsa, corn, salad, radish, scallion, cilantro, pickled peppers, queso fresco and a special sauce.

We went with the Pollo ($12) which was slightly over-salted, but had a subtle nutty, smoky flavor. The veggies were fresh, crisp, and added a nice crunch, while the basmati rice was light, tender and fluffy, and added even more “nuttiness” to the mix. Together these elements worked almost flawlessly.

Because the only major fault we could find was with the chicken, this dish scored an extremely respectable “B+.”

Be forewarned: This is an informal place The interior dining space is extremely tight — about 600 square feet — so if the weather is right, shoot for one of the picnic tables in the backyard area and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with family and friends.

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