1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Nothing Bundt Cakes describes itself as a “successful, niche bakery concept with more than 260 bakeries across the U.S.”

Since we happened to be near a store in the North Miami area, we popped in and picked up a cake.

We selected the 10-inch “CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHIP,” which is purportedly “rich with a home-baked flavor. Sprinkled with chocolate chips throughout, this treat is sure to cure your chocolate cravings.”

While the company’s website claims that their “recipe only uses the finest ingredients; real eggs, butter and cream cheese, all to bring you Bundt Cake perfection,” we beg to differ.

This thing was so saccharinely sweet, and had such an overwhelming artificial, chemical-like taste, that we couldn’t finish our respective slices.

Since we found this “pile” so exceedingly unappetizing, and unworthy of its $31 ask, we collectively rated it an “F.”

After sampling what we purchased, I believe it’s pretty safe to say, “Nothing Bundt Cakes” is “Nothing But Garbage” — because that’s where the rest of this disastrous “cake” ended up .... (In the trash.)

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