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On a beautiful, summer day, why have lunch in a dark, dreary place?

Since the sun was shining bright, my companions selected a place in Sunny Isles Beach called “Gili’s Beach Club,” over on Collins Avenue.

If you’re lucky, you can get a great table right on the sand, with picture-perfect views of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

We decided to be festive and started off with the “Chips & Salsa — described as, “A fiesta for the taste buds! Tri-colored tortilla chips served with pico de gallo. ($8) Add guacamole $5. Add cheddar cheese ($4).”

Do you see any tri-colored chips in this platter? And, did you note the soupy, watery, almost gazpacho-like quality of the salsa? And what’s up with the browning that’s evident with the guacamole (we paid $5 extra for)?

Given the chips were stale, the salsa was unpleasantly runny and banal, and the guac lacked any punch, (tasted more like a green purée), this dish scored a scornful “F.

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