1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


If you’re on a quest for some of the best fried chicken on the planet, head to Cholo Soy Cocina over in West Palm Beach, and hope (and pray) that the “Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich” ($14) is on the menu.

On the day we went, it was listed on the “specials board,” and consisted of “Gojo Chang [sic], Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles with Cholo Fries a/k/a: ‘Lil Krispi.’”

More often than not, we find that most restaurants have an extremely difficult time getting this dish right.

You’ll encounter deficiencies like the meat not being properly brined or seasoned (causing it to to be dry and bland-tasting), a greasy crust (which lacks sufficient crispness), or a rubbery, rancid flavor (due to bad frying oil).

This sandwich suffered from none of those problems.

After biting into the crunchy exterior, we found chicken that was moist and flavorful (and packed a nice punch). The “Gochujang” (or red chili paste) added a well balanced sweetness and welcomed spicy kick to the mix.

What about the fries, you ask? They were sublime. We found them perfectly seasoned and offering just the right “krispiness” and crunch. (They were truly addictive and enjoyable.)

While the bun was a bit dense (and lacked a fluffy lightness that we would have preferred), and, even though some took issue with the $14 price point, this dish still scored a very strong “B+.” (Grab it, if you see it on the specials board ... or insist that they make it for you! 😉)

Once again, be reminded, it’s an informal restaurant, and that the interior table space is really compact — about 600 square feet (only seats about 12). So, if the weather is right, grab a seat in the backyard area and enjoy some of the delightful dishes this kitchen has to offer.

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