1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Some eleven years ago, restaurant owner David Tornek and Chef Sean Brasel opened a Miami Beach establishment called “Meat Market” — now a Lincoln Road fixture.

Because they also have eateries in San Juan, and Palm Beach, with a Tampa location slated to open this summer (2019), we wanted to see what all the hoopla was all about.

Their Miami Beach restaurant offers a $26 two-course lunch which includes a selection of appetizers, such as “salmon corn fritters” (reviewed Saturday), empanadas (reviewed Sunday), and a choice of fish and meat entrees (some with an up-charge, like the mignon (reviewed Monday)), and sides like the Gouda Tater Tots (reviewed yesterday).

For our next course, we decided to go with their “BBQ Chicken Sandwich” — pulled chicken thighs, mango bbq sauce, tobacco fries, jalapeño cabbage slaw, aged cheddar, served on a brioche — one of the “standard” (no up-charge) entree options on their lunch menu.

Because we found the chicken moist and succulent, with a nice golden color and smoky flavor, this dish scored an admirable “B+.”

(The accompanying fries, while crispy, lacked a fluffy center, and weren’t sufficiently seasoned, accounting for some point loss. We also thought the $26 price was a bit high for this sandwich, particularly given our dissatisfaction with the accompanying appetizers and sides.)