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FTC Staff Comment Supports Proposal to Enhance Access to Dental Care in New York

Federal Trade Commission staff submitted a comment to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in support of a proposed regulatory change that would reduce the burdens on experienced, Canadian dentists wishing to practice dentistry within New York State. This change would allow established, Canadian dentists to use the same process that experienced U.S. dentists from other U.S. states use to become licensed in New York State.

Responding to the NYSED’s request for public comments, staff of the FTC’s Office of Policy Planning and its Bureaus of Competition and Economics stated that the proposed amendment would significantly reduce the current barriers to licensure for Canadian dentists whose education and training are comparable to that of U.S. dentists.

By reducing the barriers to licensure of Canadian dentists, the proposed amendment will increase the pool of dentists qualified for licensure in New York. Canadian dentists who obtain authorization to practice in New York may improve access to dental services in underserved areas of the state, such as the North Country region. This change could also improve dental schools’ ability to recruit Canadian dentists to faculty positions, which could increase access to care in nearby communities.

By increasing the available supply of qualified dentists, the proposed amendment likely would increase competition among dentists practicing in New York. The benefits of additional competition could include an increased range of choices available to consumers, improved dental outcomes, and reduced dental costs for consumers.

The Commission vote to issue the staff comment was 2-0. It was sent to the New York State Education Department on April 6, 2018. (FTC File No. V180007; the staff contact is Karen A. Goldman, Office of Policy Planning, 202-326-2574).