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Republicans are desperately trying to sell their tax scam to the American public.

They’ve gone up with nearly 18,000 television ads lying about how their plan benefits the middle-class and working Americans.

They don’t want you to know 83% of the savings will go directly to the top 1% of earners. And they don’t want you to know their plan could cost nearly $2 trillion.

Help me fight against these nearly 18,000 fraudulent lies and smears by giving $18.

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I’m working to expose Republicans and their tax scam for what it is: a treacherous scam.

I’m working tirelessly to stop them from trying to pay for their plan by gutting Social Security and Medicare.

Trickle-down economics is a failure. So is their tax scam.

Let’s correct the record all across the country: Give $18 so we can do so and continue to protect Social Security and Medicare >>

We can’t let up,