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New York Mayors Endorse Governor Cuomo's Tax Fairness for New York Campaign

More Than 60 Mayors Across the State Endorse Three-Pronged Efforts to Combat the Tax Law - Sue the Federal Government, Repeal Devastating Law and Overhaul the Tax Code

As Federal Assault Devastates New York by Nearly Eliminating the SALT Deduction Costing $14.3 Billion, New York Developing Coordinated Response

Tax Fairness for New York

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced 65 mayors from across New York endorsed his Tax Fairness for New York Campaign: to combat the devastating impacts the destructive, partisan GOP federal tax law will have on New York. The mayors endorsed Governor Cuomo's three-pronged effort to fight the federal tax assault on New York, as announced in his 2018 State of the State Address. The first step is the multi-state coalition to sue the federal government. The second prong of the effort is to launch a repeal-and-replace strategy, and the third prong is to explore the feasibility of a major shift in the structure of State tax policy.

"With the Tax Fairness for New York campaign we are fighting back against Washington's federal tax assault on New York," Governor Cuomo said. "I am proud to have the support of mayors across the state as we work together to mitigate the impacts of this plan and do everything we can to protect the rights and wallets of hardworking New Yorkers."

To advance the state's efforts to overhaul the tax code, and to generate the best ideas and solutions, New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica as well as other New York State representatives have been meeting with experts from state and local government, academia, and the private sector to obtain feedback and comment on the preliminary report released in January by the Department of Taxation and Finance. The report outlines options for state tax reform designed to mitigate the adverse impact of the federal legislation on our economy and on New Yorkers.

Earlier this month, Budget Director Mujica unveiled 30-day amendments to the FY 2019 Executive Budget, including legislation to create a new optional Employer Compensation Expense Tax system, create two new funds to accept donations to fund health care and education programs, and provisions to decouple the state tax code from the federal tax code.

The following mayors endorsed the Tax Fairness campaign:

New York City

Bill de Blasio, New York City

Mid-Hudson Valley

Matt Alexander, Village of Wappingers Falls

Gary Bassett, Village of Rhinebeck

Noam Bramson, City of New Rochelle

Josh Cohn, City of Rye

Joe DeStefano, City of Middletown

Richard Falanka, Village of Port Chester

Nancy Kaboolian, Village of Ardsley

James Miccio, Village of Fishkill

Tom Murphy, Village of Mamaroneck

Steve Noble, City of Kingston

Brian Pugh, Village of Croton on Hudson

Andre Rainey, City of Peekskill

Tom Roach, City of White Plains

Tim Rogers, Village of New Paltz

Brian Smith, Village of Irvington

Mike Spano, City of Yonkers

Richard Thomas, City of Mount Vernon

Lorraine Walsh, Village of Larchmont

Long Island

George Hubbard, Village of Greenport

Robert Kennedy, Village of Freeport

Gregory Letica, Village of Asharoken

Francis Murray, Rockville Centre

Paul Pontieri, Patchogue Village

Tim Tenke, City of Glen Cove

Gary Vegliante, Village of Westhampton Beach

Western New York

Cara Birriettieri, Village of Lakewood

Byron Brown, City of Buffalo

Rick Davis, City of Tonawanda

Daniel DeLano, Village of Williamsville

Paul Dyster, City of Niagara Falls

Althanasia Landis, Village of Fredonia

Patrick Mang, Village of Kenmore

Willie Rosas, City of Dunkirk

David Smith, Village of Gowanda

Sam Teresi, City of Jamestown

Finger Lakes

Denise Coffey, Village of Silver Springs

Rick Milne, Village of Honeoye Falls

Ellen Polimeni, City of Canandaigua

Fred Ricci, Village of East Rochester

Joe Robinson, Village of Warsaw

Lovely Warren, City of Rochester

Central New York

Carla DeShaw, Village of Canastota

Ruth Ann Loveless, Village of Hamilton

Leo Matzke, City of Oneida

Hal McCabe, Village of Homer

Gary Mulvaney, Village of Moravia

Mike Quill, City of Auburn

Bud Shattuck, Village of Union Springs

Brian Tobin, City of Cortland

Ben Walsh, City of Syracuse

Mohawk Valley

Robert Palmieri, City of Utica

Capital Region

Dan Hall, City of Glens Falls

Meg Kelly, City of Saratoga Springs

Patrick Madden, City of Troy

Gary McCarthy, City of Schenectady

Kathy Sheehan, City of Albany

North Country

Tim Currier, Village of Massena

Ronald McDougall, Village of Gouverneur

Clyde Rabideau, Village of Saranac Lake

Southern Tier

John Bertoni, Village of Endicott

William Boland, City of Corning

Rich David, City of Binghamton

Greg Deemie, Village of Johnson City

Svante Myrick, City of Ithaca

NYCOM Executive Director Peter A. Baynes said, "NYCOM supports the Governor's multi-pronged approach to try to mitigate the harm inflicted upon New York's communities and their residents with the passage of the federal tax reform bill. Absent these efforts, New Yorkers will experience an increase in taxes, a decrease in home values, and a reduction in essential municipal services, as the cap on the SALT deduction will place significant pressure on local budgets. We urge our state leaders to work together to enact a plan that will protect our residents and our state from these devastating consequences."

Byron Brown, Mayor of the City of Buffalo, said, "Washington has dealt a devastating blow to New York with this irresponsible tax plan, putting our economy and our middle class at a disadvantage both statewide and nationally. In the face of this damaging action, Governor Cuomo is proposing a tax plan that protects the wallets of hardworking New Yorkers and their families across the state. I am proud to support this smart plan and I urge our state legislature to make this it a reality."

Kathy Sheehan, Mayor of the City of Albany, said, "In passing a disastrous federal tax overhaul, Washington abdicated its responsibility to our middle and working class residents - especially in New York. With the Tax Fairness Campaign, Governor Cuomo is standing up to Donald Trump and taking action to deliver on his promise to protect New York taxpayers. With these tax reforms, we look forward to safeguarding New Yorkers from the forthcoming impact of the disastrous federal tax bill."

Ben Walsh, Mayor of the City of Syracuse, said, "Governor Cuomo is taking decisive action to strengthen our state's tax structure. We need to take the steps necessary to protect the interests of New Yorkers and help them protect their hard earned money. I commend the Governor for standing up for working taxpayers, the backbone of New York's economy."

Brian Tobin, Mayor of the City of Cortland, said, "New York's middle class is the engine that keeps our economy going, and when Washington forgets about our hardworking men and women, Governor Cuomo takes action in their favor. The Governor has championed a tax plan for our middle class that will reward New Yorkers for the sacrifices they make every day to support their families. We look forward to a tax plan that works for the people."

Lovely Warren, Mayor of the City of Rochester, said, "Washington claims they want to benefit the middle class, but their policies show otherwise. Thankfully, Governor Cuomo is working hard to protect all New Yorkers by putting forth a tax plan that protects the middle class. We are proud to support opportunities for residents to deduct their taxes and look forward to the continued success of working men and women in this state under the Governor's leadership."

Mike Spano, Mayor of the City of Yonkers, said, "Thanks to the leadership of Governor Cuomo, a multi-faceted approach has been launched to protect the hard-working people of New York to combat the tax bill signed into law by President Trump, which forces a double tax on New Yorkers. The Tax Fairness Campaign provides options for residents to deduct taxes they would lose under the new federal law, and proves that the leaders of this state will not rest until we are protected."

Richard Thomas, Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon, said, "Governor Cuomo's bold tax plan continues to show the rest of the nation that New York is a leader in fighting for the rights of our residents. With protections for the middle class proposed in the Governor's budget, charitable contributions and an employer compensation expense tax will help ease the impact of the federal government's unfair tax law. I applaud the Governor for his commitment to ensuring those who live, work and do business in New York can continue to do so, and thrive."

Paul Pontieri, Mayor of Patchogue Village, said, "Governor Cuomo's budget will help lessen the blow of the egregious federal tax plan, which is poised to wreak havoc on many middle class New Yorkers. Proposals to close the so-called carried interest loophole will help bolster our state's revenues and reduce the state's deficit, while the tax fairness campaign initiatives aim to protect the hard-earned money of residents. This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking and ambitious action we need to move New York's economy forward and to help reinvigorate our working class."

Tim Tenke, Mayor of the City of Glen Cove, said, "The Governor's administration is working hard to provide relief to New York's middle-class by taking a pragmatic approach to combat the federal assault on our communities. With the launch of the Tax Fairness Campaign on February 8, Governor Cuomo has set an example for the entire nation and put forth critical initiatives that will put money back in the pocket of New York's taxpayers. I applaud his continued support of our region and communities across the Empire State."

Svante Myrick, Mayor of the City of Ithaca, said, "With this year's budget, Governor Cuomo makes it clear that our state will not allow the federal government to bully and target the hard-working people of his state. New York's leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure that folks who have started lives, families, businesses, and careers in New York State will not be forced out by taxes they simply cannot afford. This tax plan not only protects the wallets of New Yorkers, but it mitigates the unfair and misguided threats the federal tax plan imposes upon citizens across the state. I applaud the Governor for his commitment to combating this devastating federal tax plan."

Sam Teresi, Mayor of the City of Jamestown, said, "In the face of the federal government's assault on New York with the recently enacted federal tax law, Governor Cuomo is taking aggressive actions to protect New Yorkers and their wallets. I am proud to offer my full support of the steps he is taking to challenge this unprecedented double federal taxation. The Governor continues to lead the nation in strengthening our state's economy and helping its taxpayers by addressing the 'carried interest' loophole and reducing taxes to record lows for middle-class residents."

Willie Rosas, Mayor of the City of Dunkirk, said, "With this year's budget, Governor Cuomo makes it clear that our state will not allow the federal government to bully and target the hard-working people of his state. New York's leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure that folks who have started lives, families, businesses, and careers in New York State will not be forced out by taxes they simply cannot afford. This tax plan not only protects the wallets of New Yorkers, but it mitigates the unfair and misguided threats the federal tax plan imposes upon citizens across the state. I applaud the Governor for his commitment to combating this devastating federal tax plan.

Paul Dyster, Mayor of the City of Niagara Falls, said, "New Yorkers' hard-earned dollars are under attack. Washington has decided to use our taxes to fund less prosperous states and the corporate tax cuts that only benefit the wealthiest in the country. We will not stand for this, and thanks to the Governor's tax fairness plan, our residents will have the tools they need to continue deducting taxes and have the means to provide for their families."

Robert Palmieri, Mayor of the City of Utica, said, "Governor Cuomo's budget proposals level the playing field for New York taxpayers and proactively addresses the negative impact of the federal governments recently passed tax legislation. By offering the chance to deduct through charitable contributions and establishing an employer compensation expense tax, men and women across this community will remain living and working here. I applaud the Governor for his commitment to protecting the rights of New Yorkers."

Michael Quill, Mayor of the City of Auburn, said, "I am proud to fully support the Governor's plan to combat the federal tax assault on New York State. While Washington seeks to hurt hard working families in our state, Governor Cuomo has offered up a plan to protect the pockets of middle class New Yorkers - making it clear to the federal government that our state will not serve as a piggy bank to other states. I urge the state legislature to act on this vital proposal."