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My kids and their friends have taken to calling me Congress Mom around the house, and I like the name.

Think about it. When you’re a mom, you’re constantly running around, setting priorities, and putting a stop to conflict. You’re always solving problems and getting the job done.

These qualities have served me well in Washington.

When my children were younger, they fought with their siblings. I had to teach them that not everyone gets what they want all the time. Sometimes we have to share and make compromises.

The same goes on Capitol Hill. We accomplish a lot more when we put aside petty squabbles and remember why we are there: to serve the American people.

Any mom will also tell you, being organized is part of the job. When I was raising my kids, I made lists and knocked out what needed to be done on any given day.

In Congress, I do the same thing. When Connecticut families need something -- whether it’s improving health care for veterans or ensuring residents are notified of plans to build power plants in their backyards -- I make sure it gets done.

I make a lot of lists -- but my #1 top priority will always be standing up for my constituents.

Now I want to hear from you. What issues are at the top of your list? I want to hear what you think Congress needs to address.

Look forward to hearing from you,