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Hundreds were arrested while protesting the J20 inauguration. Most of the charges were dropped, but 59 protesters are still being held without evidence of rioting. This is an intimidation tactic, made to scare activists out of protesting the Trump administration in any way. We will not stand down. We will not be intimidated. We can do something about this.

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These tactics set a dangerous precedent to suppress our freedom of speech. Hundreds of protesters were kettled and jailed, some were even charged with felonies with sentences up to 75 years. All for the result of 4 broken windows and a burning trashcan. How can hundreds of protesters be guilty of only 4 broken windows? Protesters with no evidence against them need to be released.

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Our civil rights progress has been made with the combination of the vote and public demonstration. We cannot let our future progress and free speech be stifled by this administration. We must take a stand to preserve our rights and push for future progress.

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Keep fighting & marching!
Candelaria Vargas, Daily Kos