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One year after the GOP tried to silence me, I’m still persisting in our fight for the America we believe in. But I can’t do it without your support, Lucas.

Lucas --

Last February, I was giving a speech on the Senate floor, opposing Jeff Sessions’ nomination as Attorney General, and I read a letter from Coretta Scott King.

Mitch McConnell interrupted my speech and told me to stop talking. When I objected, he said:

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

You bet I did. And one year later, we’re still persisting in our fight for the America we believe in. And we hope that grassroots Democrats like you are still with us, Lucas.

That’s why I’m asking you to join the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in re-electing Senate Democrats like me and winning back the Senate majority.

Can I count on you, Lucas? Add your name right now to commit to fighting for the Senate majority.

If we can flip two more Senate seats -- just two seats -- we can take back the Senate and build a Democratic firewall against all of Donald Trump’s harmful policies. That’s why the DSCC is ramping up all its efforts to elect strong challengers like Jacky Rosen and re-elect our Democratic Senate champions like Tammy Baldwin and Debbie Stabenow (and yes, me too!).

The DSCC is the only committee solely dedicated to electing Senate Democrats. They were there for me when I launched my Senate campaign in Massachusetts, and they were there to help candidates like Catherine Cortez Masto and Tammy Duckworth launch their successful 2016 campaigns, too.

And with your help, the DSCC can be there for each of our 2018 candidates -- making sure they have the support they need at every step of the way to flip the Senate.

Add your name right now to commit to supporting all our Democratic Senate candidates and fighting for the Senate majority.

Thank you for stepping up,

Elizabeth Warren