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Golden International Corporation Issues Public Safety Warning For Stolen Tilapia Because of Possible Health Risk

Golden International Corporation of Renton, WA is issuing a public safety notice for 405 cartons of stolen frozen tilapia, because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

Golden International Corporation also warns consumers, food distributors, grocery stores, and food processors not to consume or sell certain cartons of stolen tilapia.

A container of frozen tilapia ready for re-export to Taiwan was stolen from Golden International Corporations container yard in Renton, WA, and was recovered in Everett, WA. Product is likely to have been sold in the surrounding area by the thieves, however is not limited to only Everett. Container was stolen around 4:40pm on Sunday April 29, 2018 and was not recovered until May 9, 2018. The container may not have been refrigerated properly and tilapia may be subject to temperature abuse.

The container underwent routine sampling by Michelson Laboratories to determine health safety and Salmonella was detected. With this knowledge, the entire shipment could be compromised and was loaded for re-export. However, local trucking was unable to deliver it to the port before the weekend. It was therefore left in the lot at Golden International and subsequently carried off using a stolen truck.

The master case label of stolen tilapia is read “***FROZEN TILAPIA FISH IQF***(FARM RAISED)*** ***MANUFACTURER NO.: 7F3001***PACKED FOR GOLDEN INTERNATIONAL ***PRODUCT OF TAIWAN*** NET WEIGHT 40 LBS***”.

Of 405 stolen cartons, 336 cartons contain frozen whole & round tilapia and each fish weighs over 1500 grams (3.3 lbs.) and remaining 69 cartons contain frozen whole & round tilapia and each fish weighs over 800 grams (1.76 lbs.).

No illnesses have been reported to date. This notice is being made with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Consumers who have purchased stolen tilapia in surrounding areas and in Everett, WA since April 29, 2018 are urged to destroy it. If the product was used to make other foods, consider recalling it and contact the FDA Recall Coordinator. Consumers with questions may contact Golden International Corporation at 206-722-2888 between Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm PST