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There are a few signs that Democrats could flip the House this year.

One of the big ones is the generic ballot — polls that ask people whether they'd vote for Republicans or Democrats to represent them in Congress.

And right now, FiveThirtyEight shows Democrats ahead by an average of 12 points.

That's a strong indicator of a wave. Voters want change, and our women are ready to make it happen.

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A ​lead in the generic ballot doesn't necessarily mean that party will control the House.

Thanks to gerrymandering — where Republicans dr​e​w districts that ma​k​e it easier for them to win — and voter suppression, the GOP has tilted the electoral playing field to their advantage.

That means for this double-digit lead to actually turn into flipping the House, we have to make sure we build strong campaigns that can overcome all the obstacles Republicans have put up to protect their hold on power.

Fortunately, this community has plenty of experience winning races against difficult odds.

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Jenna Kruse
Vice President of Research, EMILY's List