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FTC Posts Blog on Voices for Liberty Video Project

The Federal Trade Commission issued a blog highlighting a series of videos featuring Acting Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen and four guests who shared their stories about the burdens of unnecessary occupational licensing regulations.

During the “fireside chat” held last month, Acting Chairman Ohlhausen spoke with a natural hair braider, as well as an educator, an emergency medical technician, and a licensed esthetician, three of whom are military spouses.

Acting Chairman Ohlhausen launched the agency’s Economic Liberty Task Force in early 2017. Prior to that, occupational licensing reform was a core focus of the FTC’s competition advocacy program, which urges policymakers to reduce or eliminate regulations that stifle competition and are not needed to protect consumers.

In addition to the blog post, Voices for Liberty Videos: “Fireside chat” participants explain burdens of unnecessary occupational licensing, the agency’s Economic Liberty Task Force website has a range of other information about efforts to address regulatory hurdles to job growth, including the proliferation of occupational licensing.

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