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It’s a new year and a good time for Democrats and Democratic candidates to make a new resolution: Commit to wiping away the job-killing stain on America that is the Trump Tax Scam.

The further 2018 progresses, the more attention there will be on the upcoming midterm elections. With corporate money flowing and rich donors whispering in their ears, some Democrats will be tempted to waffle on the Trump Tax Scam instead of offering a vibrant and distinct alternative.

Our job now is to make it clear just how toxic Trump and his Tax Scam truly are – and demand that every Democratic official and candidate commit to repeal and replace the Trump Tax Scam.

Tell Democrats: Commit to repeal and replace the Trump Tax Scam. Click here to sign the petition.


It will start with a few “exceptions.” Then, corporate Democrats will propose preserving huge chunks of this outrageous bill in a bid to appease donors. Before long, your average voter will be unable to distinguish between the party of Trump tax handouts for billionaires and the muddled opposition.

There is no good reason for Democrats to preserve any part of this Tax Scam. It will kill jobs and lower wages by exacerbating income inequality and encouraging growth on Wall Street instead of Main Street.1 On top of that, it is:

  • Heartless health care robbery. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the Trump Tax Scam could wipe away healthcare coverage for 13 million people with its sabotage of the Affordable Care Act protections keeping healthy people in insurance markets.2
  • Horrifyingly unjust. The Trump Tax Scam will pour gasoline on the already-raging fire of inequality in America. Multinational corporations get a massive tax handout despite sitting on billions in offshore profits while Americans lose health care coverage. Poor and middle-income Americans will get pocket change while the super-rich pocket big money.3
  • An excuse for more cruel cuts. Even before handing trillions to the ultra-wealthy, Trump and the Trump Republicans in Congress began to insist that we must cut the earned benefits that tens of millions of people rely upon. Their phony deficit hysteria is a deliberate ploy to make Americans more dependent on Wall Street and corporate employers by destroying our earned benefits.4
  • Deeply unpopular. Only 33 percent of Americans support the Trump Tax Scam even with a major Republican publicity push. If progressives lead the charge to point out the way the bill benefits multinational corporations at the expense of our communities, those numbers will only get worse.5

Democrats will fail if they become the party of tweaking the Trump Tax Scam. They must draw a clear dividing line by promising to repeal and replace the Trump Tax Scam in its entirety in the next Congress.

Tell Democrats: Commit to repeal and replace the Trump Tax Scam. Click here to sign the petition.


The main beneficiaries of the Trump Tax Scam are Donald Trump himself and the super wealthy donors who fund Republican political campaigns. The bad news for Republicans is that the American people know a scam when they see one. Americans will not forget this cruel robbery of the poor and the middle class to give massive tax breaks to big corporations and Republican donors. But it’s up to us to make sure Democrats seize the opportunity.

CREDO members waged a major campaign, making tens of thousands of phone calls, in an effort to stop the Trump Tax Scam. Now, we need the same energy pushing Democrats to commit to repeal and replace it with a plan that finally makes multinational corporations, Wall Street and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share.

Tell Democrats: Commit to repeal and replace the Trump Tax Scam. Click below to sign the petition:


Thank you for speaking out,

Murshed Zaheed, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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