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The Hill: “Medicaid is GOP target in 2018”
Add your name: demand Republicans not slash safety net programs>>


The Hill just reported that Medicaid is “squarely in the bull's-eye” of the GOP’s agenda this month -- and that Medicare could be on the chopping block too.

The GOP’s tax scam adds so much to the deficit -- more than $1.5 trillion -- but now Republicans are shamelessly trying to scapegoat these essential safety net programs to pay for their tax scam.

It’s unthinkable that politicians would try to pay for tax breaks for billionaires and big corporations with cuts that target seniors and low-income families -- but that’s where the Republican party is right now.

We need your help to fight back -- add your name right now to demand Republicans keep their hands off of Medicaid and Medicare.

Republicans are worried about their prospects for November. And that means they’ll push bad policy after bad policy to keep their base -- and their wealthy donors -- happy.

That’s why it’s so crucial that we get out in front of this and show the GOP the wall of resistance they will face if they come after our vital safety net programs.

Add your name right now to show Republicans you are ready to fight the GOP’s attempts to cut Medicaid and Medicare:


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