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If Republicans in Congress don’t figure out a plan soon, 1.3 million children in California are at risk of losing their health insurance.

Nearly 9 million of our nation’s most vulnerable children rely on the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) — but federal funding for the program expired back on Sept. 30. And Republicans in Congress have still not come up with a long-term solution for how to pay for the program.

House and Senate Republicans were too busy focusing on their cruel tax bill for the mega rich at the end of the year to work on bipartisan legislation that will help save children’s lives. Talk about misplaced priorities.

Add your name now and tell Republicans in Congress to get their priorities straight and fund CHIP immediately.

These children and their families are desperately waiting for Congress to act. Without funding, children across the country could lose access to vital health care, from checkups to emergency services, starting this month.

Plain and simple: We need to find a solution for adequate, long-term funding for CHIP.

Add your name to tell Congress: fund children’s health insurance now.

Thank you,