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Seven years before she passed, my mother was diagnosed with dementia. My brother and I spent much time managing her affairs and trying to lessen her discomfort, and she spent the final moments of her life in a state of constant pain and severe anxiety.

It was difficult for us to watch. But like so many families with similar stories, Medicare coverage was the saving grace. Medicare was the primary source to cover a majority of my mom's healthcare needs, but even with it, mom paid heavily for additional health care services.

Luckily, my mom had a family support system, but we know that too many people in our communities, through no fault of their own, face far worse circumstances.

There are too many Americans who struggle to pay for their high-priced prescription drugs; patients who decline or are denied lifesaving treatments due to cost; families who cannot afford out-of-pocket expenses required by private health insurance companies; and family members who have to quit their jobs to act as caregivers.

These are the nightmares. In the world’s wealthiest country and five decades after the Great Society movement, I believe Americans deserve more and we absolutely have the ability to fix our health care problems. Nationally, Obamacare was a huge step forward but it is not enough. It is time for our country to move to a single payer Medicare for All system.

That's why I just introduced legislation that would create a state-wide Medicare for All healthcare system here in Florida, and that's why if I'm elected to Congress, I will be proud to stand with progressives like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others in supporting a national Medicare for All plan as well.

Will you stand with me and add your name now to become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of my bill in Florida and call on Congress to pass a national Medicare for All plan?

Every person deserves the right to health care. But passing Medicare for All isn’t just the morally right thing to do, it is also the financially responsible thing to do.

As a Certified Public Accountant for over 30 years, it’s clear to me that our health care costs are out of control. I believe that the fiscally responsible solution is to have a healthcare system that is not driven by profits, but a system that is driven by the premise that affordable health care is a right for all Americans.

Everyone deserves the right of basic health care and we will ensure this is a reality by adopting a Medicare for All health care system both in the state of Florida and for the entire country.

Thank you for standing with me in supporting health care for all.

David Richardson
Candidate for Congress, FL-27