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I was taken aback to hear at the Golden Globes this year that I'm the only woman to ever win the award for best director. It turns out, I'm only one of six to ever even be nominated in over 75 years.

And I'm determined to help make change, not just in Hollywood, but in the federal government that determines our daily lives and civic rights across all fields. Politics needs to change, too.

Because, yes, I want to see more women in directors' chairs, but I also want to see them leading more committees in Congress, holding the House speaker's gavel, and seated behind that beautiful oak Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

EMILY's List has always been at the forefront of that work, and in a year when women are leading so much, it's time to make sure they're leading our government, too.

Donate to help reach EMILY's List's $150,000 End-of-Month goal and help put pro-choice Democratic women in the seats of power.

We are in the midst of a political moment that could define the next decade.

Women everywhere are taking a look around and saying this administration is not good enough, and they're deciding to do something about it.

In 2017 women marched, in January women marched again, and now thousands of women are putting their names on ballots across the country heading into the midterm elections this fall. They could be the future we've been waiting for, and EMILY's List is leading the way in recruiting these women to run and training them to build strong campaigns that can win.

These women could become our next mayors, congresswomen, senators, and presidents. They could help take back the House and Senate this year.

All of these women could knock down barriers and allow a wave of women to follow, too.

But whether or not this becomes a reality is up to what we all do together as the EMILY's List community to elect pro-choice Democratic women.

Donate to help reach EMILY's List's $150,000 End-of-Month goal and help elect the next generation of pro-choice Democratic women leaders:


Thank you,

Barbra Streisand