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This anniversary is no cause for celebration Lucas. It’s a reminder that we need to change the status quo.

Eight years ago, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that rocked our political system. Citizens United opened the floodgates for outside spending in our elections. The decision made it possible for individuals and corporations to spend unlimited sums boosting the candidates or issues of their choosing.

That’s why in our district -- a district with less than a million people -- outside groups have spent more than a million dollars trying to defeat me since 2012.

This is the new normal. If you don’t want it to be, support a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United. Let’s rid our elections of big money.

Politics should not be a sport for the rich, but that’s what Citizens United has made it. Extremely wealthy families with vast fortunes spend whatever it takes to dominate the airwaves and digital spaces with their messages.

Meanwhile, the voices and concerns of everyday Americans are drowned out -- and our democracy is all the weaker for it.

Big money in our elections has corrupted our politics. It’s alienated Americans from the political process and given rise to terrible policies like the Republicans’ recent tax overhaul, which primarily benefits corporate interests and wealthy families.

I want 2018 to be the year we put a stop to Citizens United. Add your name to support giving everyone an equal voice.

Thank you,