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America has always been a beacon of liberty and civil justice, supported by the strongest and finest military in the world. Our troops answer every call and make great sacrifices to protect our nation.

But as a member of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Julia hears too often the physical and mental hardships they have endured, on behalf of our country. Many continue to face unacceptable obstacles to recovery when they come home.

As a nation, we should be recognizing and addressing this issue. But lately, it seems like Congress is too busy butting heads across the aisle and putting politics over the people they represent.

Will you add your name and join Julia in asking Congress to step up and put our veterans before politics?

We can never fully repay the debt we owe our veterans, but we can guarantee that when they return home they receive the benefits they have earned and deserve and in a timely manner.

And while our country has made strides to do just that, there's still much work to do.

Julia is fighting hard in Washington for our veterans, but she needs your help. Add your name now and demand Congress put our veterans first.

Thank you,


Kunal Atit
Finance Director
Julia Brownley for Congress