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Most grassroots organizations can only dream of having the kind of first year we did -- it was extraordinary.

In 2017, we launched the NDRC with President Obama’s support. Things moved quickly. We laid out a comprehensive strategy to combat gerrymandering. We filed or supported lawsuits against Republican maps in five states. And we backed Democratic candidates throughout the country.

Word spread about our work. Tens of thousands of activists pitched in, allowing us to support Ralph Northam’s campaign for Virginia governor to the tune of $1.2 million. As a result, Ralph won and Democrats took fifteen seats in the House of Delegates.

It’s now clear that we can achieve even more this year than we thought possible -- but it will only happen if each one of us plays a role in building a grassroots movement.

Will you add your name and join NDRC today to support our work in 2018?


What we saw in Virginia last year was nothing short of a wave election. In 2018, when 36 governorships and thousands of state legislative seats will be contested, we need to make sure that wave turns into an unprecedented movement because the maps are rigged against us.

And our work doesn’t end in 2018, Lucas. We have an ambitious five year plan that will continue our legal fights, double down on our electoral efforts, and launch an advocacy campaign to urge lawmakers to draw fair maps in 2021.

So let’s get to building! Your commitment will help us get a running start. Will you join NDRC and help us end Republican gerrymandering?


Thank you,
Eric H. Holder, Jr.