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Eight years ago, the Supreme Court made its disastrous Citizens United decision, which hands over the reins of our political system to the highest bidders.

To counter the power of far-right donors like the Koch brothers, we need to amend the Constitution to make it clear: Our country is supposed to be run by the people and for the people.

Add your name if you support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United after the eighth anniversary of the Court's decision.

Citizens United allows special interests and billionaires to pour copious amounts of dark money into our elections with little to no accountability.

This is extremely harmful to our democracy, Lucas, and we can’t stand for it.

Amending the Constitution is a big goal, but it’s one worth fighting toward. It will take a movement -- a movement that needs your help.

Sign here to support a constitutional amendment that will fight back and reform our campaign finance system.

Thank you,

Louise Slaughter