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President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are turning their backs on all scientific evidence that proves climate change is real.

We need to put pressure on the Trump Administration and Scott Pruitt to fight against climate change instead of letting corporations off the hook for hazardous environmental actions.

Join me in demanding that Scott Pruitt and Trump stop turning a blind eye to scientific facts and start fighting against climate change >>


Scott Pruitt is granting polluters a pass on curbing their release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which only fuels climate change further.

He’s continuing to put meetings with polluters and lobbyists ahead of listening to scientists. As an engineer, I can’t say enough how dangerous that is.

We’ve already seen the damage changing weather and climate patterns can have. That’s why we must listen to the experts -- not oil and gas companies’ CEOs -- to fight climate change.

Lucas, join me and demand Scott Pruitt and Trump stop putting corporate interests ahead of science! We cannot allow this to continue.

The president and his administration are playing politics with our future. I will not stop fighting until they do the right thing in the fight against climate change.

Thank you,