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Hi Lucas,

One of the best parts of my job is getting to hear your stories and learn about the things that matter most to you. Your voices are so powerful, and I learn from you every day.

So many of you took time last week to share what's on your mind. My team and I just finished going through your survey responses, and I wanted to share a bit about what you said.

You want to make sure your family has the health care coverage you rely on. You want to know your kids are safe in the halls of their schools. And you want to stand up and fight for Dreamers, who've made this country their home. Your answers showed that you won't stop fighting until no one is being left behind.

You are the driving force behind the resistance, and I want to make sure I hear from every member of this team. If you didn't have a chance to fill out the survey, will you take just a minute to share your thoughts with me now? Click here to let me know what issues are on your mind.

Thank you for being part of this grassroots team.

Kirsten [Gillibrand]