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Dear Lucas,

It’s been clear to me ever since I’ve had the honor of being elected to represent my hometown, El Paso, in Congress: the special interest groups have a vice grip on politicians. And the worst offender of all is the NRA.

And it’s never been clear that Ted Cruz has become the NRA’s favorite Senator.

Add your name to join Beto for Senate today. I think it’s time for a change, and that’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate. Join us and sign on to say it’s time for Congress to stand up to the NRA and pass common-sense gun safety legislation


I want you to know that I have the courage of my convictions. In Congress, I co-sponsored the assault weapons ban -- and I will continue to find more ways to meet this crisis with the urgency it deserves. I will continue to push for universal background checks; create a bipartisan select committee in Congress to work on common sense legislation; and I will oppose Concealed Carry Reciprocity (CCR), which would allow those in states with weak or non-existent gun safety standards to carry guns in our state.

I will work with you and anyone who is willing to join us to make sure that senseless gun violence -- like the mass shooting in Parkland -- does not continue to happen. Because our most solemn commitment to each other and this country is to protect the lives of our fellow Americans. We have to act.

And I pledge to you that I will never become a puppet of the NRA or any other special interest group. I will fight for everyday working folks in towns across Texas and the country answering only to them, not corporations or special interests that bankroll other candidates.

Join us in the fight against Ted Cruz and the NRA. Add your name now to say it’s finally time for Congress to pass common-sense gun legislation.


Beto O’Rourke