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Lucas, I'm writing to you because you live in a state with two Democratic senators.

I oversee the DK activism team and protecting Mueller has become our top priority campaign. But you might not know what we're doing because you have two Democratic senators, so you won't see a lot of our work.

I don't need to remind you that Republicans control Congress, so any legislation to protect Mueller needs to win over at least some Republicans. That's what makes the new Special Counsel Independence & Integrity Act so important—it's sponsored by two Democrats and two Republicans, and other Republicans in Congress have already spoken favorably about it.

Our campaign focuses strongly on Daily Kos subscribers with at least one Republican senator because they are constituents of senators who will make or break this bill.

As a Daily Kos subscriber with two Democratic senators, chipping in just a few dollars to offset the cost of this campaign would be enormously helpful. Can you please chip in $5 now?

Direct contact from constituents is the most effective thing we can do to move Republican senators' to stand up to Trump. Since the start of this campaign, we've organized Daily Kos readers and subscribers with Republican senators to contact their GOP senators tens of thousands of times.

Working with Daily Kos readers to generate these calls and letters costs us real money. However, we’re going to keep it up because protecting Mueller is crucial. The rule of law itself is on the line here.

You should keep contacting your Democratic senators, of course. We need to make sure they're doing everything they can to stop this bill. But, if you don’t have a Republican senator, and if you want to support this campaign, what we really need from you is money. We need it so that we can keep getting constituents to call their Republican senators, send them letters and attend rallies outside their offices.

Please chip in $5 now.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers, Daily Kos