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Lucas, sign the petition: Stop the Republican power grab to impeach Pennsylvania State Supreme Court justices.

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In a stunning display of contempt for democracy and the rule of law, 12 Pennsylvania Republicans have introduced legislation to impeach four of the state Supreme Court justices who struck down the GOP’s congressional gerrymander. Republican leaders in the state legislature are now considering whether to support this push for impeachment.

The bad news? There's a chance they could pull this off. Due to their gerrymandered legislative maps, Republicans hold just enough seats in both branches of the state legislature--including the required two thirds majority in the state senate--to impeach the justices if they all support it.

The good news? We only need one Republican in the state Senate to oppose impeachment in order to prevent it from happening.

Daily Kos has gotten 3,800 Pennsylvanians to directly email their state legislators on this issue, but we also need people from across the country to speak out against this atrocity.

Click to AUTOMATICALLY sign the petition: Stop GOP power grab in Pennsylvania to impeach supreme court justices.

Click to AUTOMATICALLY sign the petition

Our Message to Pennsylvania state legislature:

I am outraged that Pennsylvania Republicans wish to impeach justices on the state Supreme Court—simply because they ordered the GOP to draw a fair congressional map.

The judges were simply doing their job. The old map was unconstitutional, and this matter was settled all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.

It is time to end this ultra-partisan and blatantly undemocratic move. Say "no" to impeaching these justices.

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Keep fighting,
Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos