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Your face is your most distinguishing feature. It's the first thing people see. It helps you communicate feelings. Sometimes it betrays you when you frown at something absurd a Cabinet nominee said.

Now, Apple also wants to make your face a key.

Apple has announced that future releases will use facial recognition technology to unlock their devices, including the new iPhone. You would look at the screen, your phone would know it's you, and it will open.

That sounds interesting. But it also concerns me.

Does that mean your camera is always on? How will Apple collect and store this data? Will third parties be able to access it? Will it be sold?

If someone has my picture, will they be able to unlock my device?

Just like with any new technology, we need to think through the privacy concerns and make sure consumers are protected from identity theft, hacking, and other potential breaches. I've asked Apple to answer these questions and more. If you'd like the answers too, add your name.