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You won't hear the truth about Boston's "White Supremacy" rally in the FAKE NEWS.

What the mainstream media, Establishment Republicans, and liberal elites don't want you to know is that the rally was in fact a FREE SPEECH rally.

The FAKE NEWS is full of the real racists. They systematically silenced us when they kept the press out of the free speech rally, denied our supporters from getting in, and labeled us "white supremacists."

Will you stand with me against this systematic racism from the FAKE NEWS by making a contribution of $5, $15, $35, $50, $65, $100, or even the maximum of $2,700?

In 1982, I fought the KKK. I fought racism and stood up for women's rights at MIT.

And on Saturday, I had the courage to face the protesters head-on to stand for our most essential civil right: the right to Free Speech.

Does that sound like a white supremacist to you? It would if you listened to the FAKE NEWS.

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren and her Mainstream Media Minions are dividing our country with their violent protests, and brutally attacking YOUR right to free speech.

Please join your fellow Patriots standing up for free speech and FIRE predator Elizabeth Warren by making a contribution of $5, $15, $35, $50, $65, $100, or even the maximum of $2,700.

The Establishment is infested with racists. It's their way of life. These anti-American predators divide us so that they can rule us.

The fake news is self-selecting the candidates who will win. It's a rigged system, and I'm the only outsider who will get to work, innovate, and stand up for you and for FREE SPEECH.

Please contribute what you can today to help me fire Elizabeth Warren and fight to bring back FREE SPEECH.

Thank you,

Senate Candidate - (TRUMP Republican)

P.S. We have to stop Elizabeth Warren and her Mainstream Media Minions before it's too late. Please make a contribution of $5, $15, $35, $50, $65, $100, or even the maximum of $2,700 to fire her from the Senate.