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Fellow American,

President Donald Trump recently highlighted the importance of our “Western tradition”—meaning the foundation of Western Civilization—in a speech to the people of Poland. The media took issue with the phrase “Western tradition,” accusing him of promoting an “alt-right manifesto” that only celebrates dead white men.

While the media reacts strongly to anything Trump says, this particular response shows that there is a great misunderstanding of the meaning of Western heritage and its foundations.

You cannot call yourself educated unless you know the story of Western Civilization. That is why we are offering our free online course, "Western Heritage." Based on a class that everyone at Hillsdale College must take in order to graduate, this course covers topics such as:

  • The Hebrew legacy and emergence of Christianity
  • The Greek legacy, including Socrates’ echoing question: “What is the right way for a man to live?”
  • The Renaissance and rebirth of the glories of antiquity
  • The Reformation of the Christian church
  • The Scientific Revolution
  • and more...

This course gives you a complete overview of the grand and unique story of the West. I encourage you to take this course and share it with your friends and family.

I hope you enjoy your free online course. Start your course right now >>

Warm Regards,


Larry P. Arnn

President, Hillsdale College