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Lucas, there's an election in Virginia coming up fast, and a new poll shows us tied. We need to go all-out to put the Democrat over the top, and here's why:

  • Virginia is one of a handful of states that holds elections in odd-numbered years like 2017
  • A GOP win in Virginia would allow Republicans to pass another set of wildly gerrymandered maps that would be in effect through 2030
  • Republicans are just one seat shy of a supermajority in the state legislature, and while Democrats have opportunities to make big gains, it's a longshot that Dems can take the majority before the 2020 census
  • A GOP governor and a GOP legislature could draw up new maps and enact them before the next gubernatorial election in November 2021
  • Having GOP-gerrymandered maps passed into law again (as they were in 2011, after Republicans swept to power in the state in 2009) could cost Democrats two or three congressional seats, a disadvantage that could affect national politics for literally an entire decade

The Virginia governor's race is a must-win race to break the GOP gerrymander in that state, and the latest poll has it tied 42-42.

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Keep fighting,
Carolyn Fiddler, Daily Kos