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"If you can't win, steal."

That's the new playbook of the Nevada Republican Party. They're trying to recall women state senators who won their seats fair and square and who are serving Nevadans well.

Two of the targets are Nicole Cannizzaro and Joyce Woodhouse, women our EMILY's List community fought hard to elect last year.

We won't let the GOP get away with this. Donate $3 to help fight this recall effort and support state and local EMILY's List women like Nicole and Joyce across the country.

The Nevada GOP is doing all of this without giving any actual reason for why they want to recall our women.

But it's not hard to guess: Nevada Democrats hold the majority in the Senate by just two votes. The Republicans are desperate to get their hands on the majority, even if it means disregarding the rightful will of the voters.

We've seen just how low state Republicans will stoop to subvert democracy — from passing restrictive voter ID laws to drawing heavily gerrymandered districts to eliminating early voting hours, all to suppress Democratic votes. The Nevada GOP is already playing dirty, so we have to help Nicole and Joyce prepare for anything.

Donate $3 to help keep Nicole and Joyce in office and support our state and local women nationwide:



Lucinda Guinn
Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List