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"Now what?"

The question so many of us were asking ourselves after Election Day.

So in January, we marched. And at EMILY's List, we doubled down on what we do best — electing pro-choice Democratic women.

We launched Run to Win, our largest ever investment in helping new candidates run for office. Almost 18,000 women have told us they want to run, and I guarantee there are future mayors, state legislators, senators, and even a president among them.

Our team is crisscrossing the country training many of them and running our first-ever online trainings. But the time is quickly coming where we'll need to help many of these women pivot to actually launching their campaigns.

Donate to help fund Run to Win so that we can support the wave of women who will change the face of government.

While Trump's policies threaten the rights of women, immigrants, LGBTQ Americans, and people of color in this country, EMILY's List's elected women are resisting too. Whether that's Rep. Maxine Waters vocalizing her strong opposition to Trump's agenda, Sen. Dianne Feinstein's pursuit of answers in the Russia investigations, or our dozens of state and local women passing laws to shield their communities from Trump's damage — our women are pivotal to the resistance.

EMILY's List women continue to lead the charge every day. And you can count on them to get the job done.

That's why we're determined to elect even MORE of them to every level of government.

Donate to help elect more pro-choice Democratic women who will resist Trump and dangerous Republicans every step of the way:



Stephanie Schriock
President, EMILY's List